Interior Cleaning & Detailing

Interior Cleaning & Detailing

Interior Vacuuming & Hand Washing

Interior Vacuuming $9.99 (vehicles with max. 5 person capacity) or $14.99 (vehicles with greater than 5 person capacity)

Interior Hand Washing/Detailing $29.99 (max. 5 seats) or $39.99 (greater than 5 person capacity)

A thorough cleaning of your vehicles’ interior will leave it looking and smelling like new. We will vacuum all interior surfaces of your car, including the trunk. The dashboard, console, door panels and door jambs will all be washed by hand. Any stains on fabrics are spot treated. All vinyl and leather surfaces are wiped down with appropriate protectants. Lastly all windows are cleaned and degreased using a non-ammonia window cleaner to protect tint finishes.

Currently we do not offer car-wash services.